How we help

We make time-consuming tasks fast and easy to complete by creating innovative mobile apps, websites, applications, and IoT solutions (digital tools).

We can support you through the whole development process, from the initial idea to product deployment and beyond, or just one step in that process.

We build digital tools that will delight your users by making tasks fast and easy to complete.

We can digitally transform your business by building digital tools to automate tasks and increase productivity - this is really the foundation of our company.

We can digitally integrate stand-alone systems through the creative use of low-cost Internet-of-Things devices to provide easy monitoring and control.

Our process

We build using an iterative development process, collaborating closely with you, the customer. This enables user needs to drive the process, and you to control project scope and costs.

To build a successful digital tool we have to fully understand the needs of the user, and your business - the foundation of the process. This initial exploration can reveal an existing tool could meet the need.

An incremental development process puts iterations of the product into the hands of [test] users, fast, allowing rapid review and feedback into the user-driven development process.

Agile Process

We can help you build a happy user base through ad campaigns, using analytics to feed ongoing user-driven development, and providing support to users.

We build sustainable products, in a sustainable way - products that can be maintained and developed, and choosing to work and collaborate remotely wherever possible.

Explore the technologies we work with in our tech stack

Our experience

We have experience in every step of creating a digital product, from the initial idea, through initial deployment, and continuing with driving thousands of downloads through ad campaigns, and ongoing user-driven development based on analytics results.

Mobile app development

We have developed iOS and Android apps, released to the Apple App store and Google Play store, with supporting websites and cloud services.
We have expertise in apps for displaying spatial and map data.

Application development

We have created desktop applications for interfacing with legacy systems - capturing and processing serial data, and automating keystrokes to automate legacy software.

IoT solutions

We have used low-cost microcontrollers in creative solutions for measuring and control, including measuring tension in cables with vibration frequency, and irrigation control.

Let's talk

If you see an opportunity to make a task easier with a digital solution, but need some help making it happen, please talk to us.

We love exploring new solutions. Please do get in touch.

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